15 inch subwooferSometimes ago we did a post on what factors accounts for great sounding bass in a subwoofer. Today, our focus is on how to buy quality speakers. Buying a powerful car speaker for your truck does not entail spending huge sum of money! On the contrary, with as little as $100 – $200, you can lay your hands on a powerful sub that delivers heart thumping bass. Unlike what most people think, finding these kind of subwoofers are not only easy to uncover but are also amazingly simple! Armed with the right information and some money in your wallet, you are all set to begin your quest for the high quality yet very affordable subs. On this page, you will find some of the best tips for uncovering your ideal speaker.

Inch size of the speaker

One of the factors that improves music quality is how large or small the overall sub is. This is not to say that the smaller ones do not produce good quality sound as the bigger ones. Where space is not an issue, then it is best for you to opt for the bigger ones. But if the speaker is for your car and there is limited space in your truck, then choose the smaller ones with a relatively higher RMS power rating. Even a smaller woofer with the right specification and ratings can deliver quality sound with accompanying bass that equates or even surpasses that of a bigger sub. If you are out options, simply go with some of the best 15 inch subwoofers.

The enclosure style of a sub

Aside from the inches of a speaker, another factor that plays a prominent role in the overall performance of any speaker is the type and design of enclosure box that it is installed into. Most boxes are specifically built to enhance certain qualities in music including bass, volume, frequency and a host of other features. Before paying for any music accessories, be sure to carefully scrutinize the type and style of the box that is used in building it.

Material used in building the box

The nature of materials used in crafting the box of any subwoofer will rub off on the overall quality of sound oozing out from it. From experiences, boxes that are hand built with fiberglass tend to have a higher performance quality than those of plywood. In case you are confused concerning the type of material used, ask the sales girl or even the handyman close by. Aside the high quality sound benefit accrued to subs designed with fiberglass, fiberglass speakers also offer dynamic shapes that fits well into the truck and other spaces in your car.


We hope that you have learn a lot from perusing this article. If you were interested in car speakers which unfortuntaly we do not cover in great details on this website, you can learn about the subject car audio speakers by checking out autostereoplace.com guide on best car speakers.

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