mens dress watchOne of the most important dress accessories that men and women of style and fashion cannot do without are premium quality watch. Make no mistake to think that by “premium watches” it means watches that are priced in the 4 figure income range! While a lot of people associate high priced tag merchandises as being of the highest value, suffice me to say that this is not entirely true! Some best dress watches below $1000 price tag can still be laid hands on easily via popular and reputable online shops. These kinds of watches that are way below the $1,000 are not only affordable but are really of high value and will definitely give some of the higher priced watches a stiff competition in quality, features and durability.

Wrist watches when used as dress accessories not only tell time but will add taste and class to your personality. It can also give insight into your kind of person and how affluent you might be. people by merely glancing on your wrist and taking of the quality grade of wrist watch that graces your wrist can gain a handful of intel on how rich and wealthy you are. This analogy holds true because a poor person weighed between a 3 figure incomes can never be able to afford a luxury wrist watch in the 4 figure price tag range that are seen on most actresses, actors and top celebrities wrists.

Tip: You don’t have to spend huge amount of dollars on watches as dress accessories. There are many watch review websites that you can take advantage of to find cheap and affordable watches. A clear example is which people have repeated reported to be a good source for finding reviews of high quality dress watches under 200 dollars.

You should always try to match your timepiece with your overall attires so that a uniform blend will be achieve. When there is no watch to go with the attire you have on, it is safe to go with a universal color watch. Just in case you are wondering what the universal color is, its BLACK! In most if not all cases, you will find that Black Watches for Men and Women goes with, complement and totally blends in with whatever attires that you have on. So it is very important to have one or two black time gadgets on your dressing table for those rare occasions when none of your fancy collection of timepieces fits or blend in with your dress.

To make sure that you feel totally comfortable with whatever time gadget you have on your wrist always go with the watch that has your favorite band or strap. There are some folks that feel way too uncomfortable with a particular strap of time piece while totally at ease and comfortable with another. Whatever your choice of strap is, always go with it no matter how classic and charming the ones with the despised straps are. In one sentence; never sacrifice your comfort for looks!

Finally to help preserve your watch and last longer for the watches in your collection that are not water resistant always check the weather before deciding on the one to wear. Avoid using a non-resistant device on a rainy day. Doing this will ensure a longer lifespan for all your collection of sleek, eye catching cool wrist watches.

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