juicer or blender

Juice extracting machines and blender are two vital kitchen appliances that any kitchen can’t afford to miss out on. Their uses range from preparing thick smoothies to making fresh and tasty juices from our favorite fruits and veggies. Having either a juicer or a kitchen blending machine or even both is not only an impeccable investment for our kitchen but for our health as well. In case you have not noticed the increased demand for these cool kitchen gadgets, you should know that people are now going after these devices because of the huge health benefits that they stand to gain from owning one or both.

Juicer vs blender; which is more ideal? This a million dollar question that I get asked all the time by budget shoppers trying to avoid unnecessary expenses. Before I answer this one million dollar question, let’s briefly examine the benefits of owing these powerful and vital cooking gadgets.

Juice Extractor Machines

Juice extracting machines possess lots of benefits both economical and health wise. Owing one of the power juicers will help you in producing your own lemon and citrus juices thus cutting down on the tiny bottle of lemon juices available in local retail stores plus you won’t be out of stuck for lemon juicer which are handy in preparing different delicious delicacies.

Owing a juicer machine will also encourage you to start juicing more frequently and thus begin taking advantage of the huge health benefits of juicing. It has been discovered that taking fresh juices constantly and regularly to a great extent will help cure and even prevent chances of chronic ailments like Arthritis, cancer, peptic ulcer, loss of eye sight at old age and a host of other benefits that are too numerous to mention.

Juicing offer a great way to consume veggies and fruits rich in vital body nutrients and minerals that we ordinary detest consuming. Taking fresh juices also help reserve body energy that would have been dissipated in digestion for other task.

Kitchen Blender

Blending Machine are not only helpful and handy for mixing together different cooking ingredient to achieve a uniform solution or mixture but are also central in the preparation of our favorite thick smoothies. With a powerful and robust kitchen food processor, we can get smoothie drinks ready in lesser time!

So between juicer and food mixer which is more essential?

Well the answer to this question to a great extent will depend on the use or what you want to prepare with each gadget. For smoothies, food mixers proves to be the right option while a juicer device will do just fine for those wanting to start making and drinking fresh juices from fruits and veggies.

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