custom sub enclosureDo you want a great sub for your car stereo system but confused on what factors to focus your attention on? If you fit into this category of shoppers then worry not because we have got your back! Below we will walk you through some of the core factors that makes a great sub


If you want great bass and boom from your sub, then one of the most important thing to pay close attention to when shopping for a new sub whether it is 10 inch or  the latest 12 inch subwoofers for your car or home sound system is the power. To have sub-woofer that booms with great sounding effect you really need plenty of power and the key indicator to how powerful a speaker is or will be is the RMS and not the peak power which most people tend to fall for. The RMS rating of any given speaker is a better criteria for determining how powerful a sub will be when hooked up to an amp system than the peak power rating because it measures the continuous handling output.

Enclosure Designs

No matter how powerful the rating of any given sub is, its overall performance and production quality will be greatly influenced by the type of enclosure you mount it one. That is to say that custom Subwoofer Boxes have pronounced effect on the overall performance and music quality of any sub-woofer. In general sealed enclosure boxes produce the deepest and most accurate sound quality while a ported enclosure sub boxes enhance overall loudness of a speaker. So choose wisely depending on what your needs are the type of enclosures you mount your subs on.

Size of the Woofer

Does the size of a woofer really influence its performance? This question gets asked more than a thousand times in forums and other online social forums by music lovers. Well together with all the factors discussed above, the size of a woofer can influence its overall performance. So if space is not an issue in your case then by all means go for the big ones but bear in mind that with the right ratings together with a superior enclosure, some of the best 10 inch sub woofers which are considered small can put out a great noise that equals or exceeds that of a much bigger subs.


This is yet another important detail that you do not want to ignore considering when planning to get a new sub-woofer or to replace an old one. The frequency of a particular sub is one of the determining factors and an insight into how low the speaker when connected to an amplifier will sound. A word of caution is never to solely base the decision of how efficient and smooth a speaker will perform on its frequency rating alone.

Voice coils

Subs are mostly known to come with either a single or double voice coils. Dual voice coils offer more flexibility in connection over the single voice coil subs. Because of the flexibility in connection that the dual ones offers, it is usually the number one choice for most car owners.

These tips when considered carefully can really help you in choosing powerful sounding speakers including the best 12 inch Subwoofers as well as the best 15 inch subwoofers for just about any type of gig Shows.

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