If you are reading this article, then chances are excellent that you are interested in learning how to shop for high quality wrist watches at giveaway prices. If that feels like that’s what you probably will be interested in then you are on the right webpage. Why? Because on this very page we have outlined some of the major factors that if dully adhered to will help you immensely in your quest for cheap and affordable wrist watches. The tips that we are about to share with you has proven useful to us and we are confident that it will also prove useful to you too. With these tips that you are about to be exposed to, you will learn how to find the best watches under $1000, $500, $200 and more.

So without any further, let’s jump right into the agenda of this article.

The Brand

No matter what type of watch that you are interested in buying including military watches, aviation timepiece diver’s or just simple big face watches, you will always want to start your research with the ‘brand’ because let’s face it; nobody wants to invest into a brand that is not considered valuable. For a watch brand to be considered valuable, there are a few factors that must be in place including; a popular and well-known brand name, many years of operation with profitable track record to as proof. This way, you will have assurance that whichever brand you decide to invest in you will be sure that you will derive maximum value from your investment.


Gravitating away from the brand of watches, the next important factor to consider before investing into any watch is the primary reason for wanting to buy the watch. As we noted above, there are different brands of watches all specializing in the production of different watches for specific purposes and needs. There are the military, aviation, astronaut, divers and sport watches all carefully designed to meet specific needs. You chance of finding a good quality watch is greatly dependent on your ability to clearly and accurately define the purpose and needs for buying a particular wrist watch.

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